Tension grew out of the late seventies / early eighties punk scenes of Toronto, Southern Ontario, WNY, and Buffalo. Their punk sound blended Euro-speed with American hardcore in a blender of thrash punk. Poetic lyrics of social commentary tell a story of angst, dreams and desire. Their music is still relevant, because all those topics they sang about are still relevant. With the addition of Troy Mezzio on (guitar) and Mark Giuliano on (Bass) original members Tymn Tension (vocals) and Tony Ferro (drums) the band is back with a renewed and angry vengeance.

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Best f***ing punk band I've seen in a long time.  It's full of dudes in their mid 40's in dad shirts and the lead singer looks like Greg Allman in a safari hat.

Proving that it's about what's on the inside, not the outside that fucking shines through in the end. Take a lesson you friggin' hipster twats.

What you might not know about Tension is that they were pioneers of the hardcore/thrash of the 'cold war/reagan/holyf**k-we're all gonna die from nuclear war!!!,' era in the 80's. and may not have known the level of AUTHENTICITY you guys have. the heaviest, fastest, most original, and again AUTHENTIC of all crossover bands within a 1,000 mile radius at the time and of the scene.

game changing, raging, brutal hardcore thrash that helped set the template for the genre, alongside DRI, Cryptic Slaughter, ST, Exploited, Cro Mags, Agnoistic Front, COC, Husker Du , man... too many more to mention.



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